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Dear all,
I take the liberty to forward this link to a short opinion piece I wrote on the matter of food aid to North Korea:
This is part of a series of contributions. A very interesting recent debate on the same topic can be found at Cankor:
As you see, opinions differ. In fact, the issue is tricky: help starving people at the price of propping up the regime? Bring down the regime at the price of massive famine deaths? In the end, it is a political decision. But it is one that affects human lifes, so that we as scholars and opinion-leaders have a huge responsibility here. The latest decision by the European Commission to resume food aid (http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/04/world/asia/04union.html?_r=1) is a hopeful sign from my perspective. Not everybody looks at it that way, though.
I am grateful for any comments, including critical ones. 
All the best,

PS: As this list started out as an AKSE forum: At the membership meeting of the Association for Korean Studies in Europe in Moscow on June 19th, I have been elected as AKSE Secretary and given the task to organize the next AKSE conference in 2013 in Vienna. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.akse.uni-kiel.de/ which will be updated shortly. I will send out a message through this list as soon as the CFP is ready.

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