[KS] Chinese influence and communities in Korea

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sun Jul 3 06:59:17 EDT 2011

Another post scriptum (just saw this now):


This is Andrei Lankov's survey report from last year -- he has all 
the basics in there, including a summary of the 1961 restrictive laws 
and regulations. All this, by the way, must have been common 
knowledge in Korea. I recall various people telling me about the 
situation in detail as early as 1980. The other point that Lankov 
makes, the fear that Chinese would "acquire leading positions in the 
Korean economy" was, I think, also very much to the point--and not 
without a reason, given the role the Chinese community played and 
plays in South East Asia (also being utilized as an outpost of 
mainland China's political and economic interests).


Frank Hoffmann

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