[KS] Chinese influence and communities in Korea

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I located the published book on Amazon and was able to use the "look inside" feature. The coverage is mostly twentieth century, after the period I am targeting (early Japanese occupation).


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Perhaps the following doctoral dissertation and the book that is based on it will be of some interest:

CHOI, Sheena  (1956- ).
Invisible Minority: Factors Influencing the Educational Choices of the Ethnic Chinese in Korea.  State University of New York at Buffalo [also officially known as the University at Buffalo], 1999 (Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy).  Chairperson/Major Adviser: William K. Cummings.  xii, 199p.  DAI [Dissertation Abstracts International] 61, no.1 (July 2000): 130-A; UMI (University Microfilms International order number) 9958250.
This dissertation--an analysis of the "experiences and perceptions of South Korean Chinese (huaqiao) teachers, students, parents, alumni, and community leaders"--explored their views of reality and the reasons why they chose to pursue their studies either at a Korean university or at a university in Taiwan.  Choi examined the "impact of nationality, economics and the educational policies of both the Korean and Taiwan governments on the students' educational choices", documented "how these policies and the perceptions of one's opportunities influenced their aspirations", and "considered ethnicity and gender within the social milieu and organizational environment of the huaqiao".  Much of her research was undertaken at the Seoul Overseas Chinese High School (where she had been a student herself during the early 1970s) and within the Seoul huaqiao community.
Table of Contents: 1. Introduction.  2. Review of Literature.  3. Methodology.  4. Definition of Overseas-Chinese, Korean Nationality Law, and the Korean-Huaqiaos.  5. Chinese Immigration to Korea and the Social and Economic History of the Korean Huaqiaos.  6. Huaqiao Education in Korea.  7. Gender and Ethnicity in College Choices.  8. Findings and Conclusion.  4 figures.  2 tables.  Bibliography: pp.175-99.
Published as Gender, Ethnicity, Market Forces, and College Choices: Observations of Ethnic Chinese in Korea, by Sheena Choi. New York and London: Routledge, 2001. xvi, 148p. (East Asia).

Excerpted from "A Century of Doctoral Dissertations on Korea, 1903-2004: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages", compiled, annotated and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman. 5 volumes. Forthcoming: Winter 2011-2012.

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