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Great news! Could you please give the ordering information for the book,
including the ISBN number? It will be a great addition to any Korean
collection in libraries in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Congratulations and many thanks, Gari and Mr. 장!


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2011/7/5 <gkl1 at columbia.edu>

> I'd like to announce on the List that my article "Cartography in
> Korea", which appeared in Vol. 2, Book 2 of The History of Cartography
> (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1994), has been published in Korean
> translation as a book (단행본).
> Under the title <한국 고지도의 역사>, translated by 장상훈, a research official at the
> Korean National Museum, and published by 출판사 소나무, it came out a
> couple of weeks ago and has been commented upon in the newspapers. This
> year is the 150th anniversary of Kim ChOngho's famous national map, the
> 대동여지도, so it got a little extra attention. I cooperated with Mr. Jang during
> the translation process, and I think the result is very good.
> The Korean version is strikingly different from the original Univ. of
> Chicago publication, which had only six illustrations in color--and even
> those embarrassingly printed in two separate color sections grouped with
> maps from Japan and Southeast Asia. The great majority of the original 54
> black-and-white illustrations appear in the Korean version in beautiful
> colors.
> The Korean version presents my entire English text in exactly the same
> order as I originally arranged it. But it has broken it into five distinct
> chapters, each decorated with a colorful detail from a Korean map. Some of
> the chapters are divided into sections. This all makes for a sharper and
> more orderly presentation. There is a great bibliography and a detailed
> index.
> All in all, it is a great pleasure to see such a beautiful Korean
> presentation of my original "article." The price is a very reasonable
> \35,000.
> Gari Ledyard
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