[KS] Specialist on comfort women issues and Tokto issue

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Keith Howard of SOAS published a book with 18 life  stories
of 'comfort women' * in 1995. Brief details are here:
_http://eprints.soas.ac.uk/6057/_ (http://eprints.soas.ac.uk/6057/) 
I'm not sure of its current availability.
Aidan FC
* Call me a pedant, or PC; but as with 'ethnic  cleansing',
I don't think this foul euphemism for a vile  practice
should be allowed to parade without quotation  marks.
Aidan  Foster-Carter 
Honorary Senior Research  Fellow in Sociology & Modern Korea, Leeds 
University, UK 

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I wonder what's your view, as a specialist, on George  Hicks' "The Comfort 
Women." It seemed to me to suffer from a terrific  lack of footnotes and 
other forms of attribution while depending  mightily on works in Korean and 
Japanese that could have been translated  and published in English editions. 
(As far as I could tell, the book  contained no original interviews though 
some of these women were and are  available. A few of them still manage to show 
up for weekly demos in  front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul.) That's 
just an off-hand view  after one reading. Would be interested in the academic  
Don Kirk

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Dear Professor Lee,
You can list me as a Korean comfort women specialist.  I am  currently 
finishing up my book manuscript on comfort women  specifically focused on the 
Korean victims' case from a comparative  perspective.  My recent publications 
on the subject include  an article published by the Northeast Asian History 
Foundation's  English journal:  Bang-Soon L. Yoon, "Imperial Japan's Comfort 
 Women from Korea:  History & Politics of Silence-Breaking,"  The Journal 
of Northeast Asian History, Vol. 7, Number 1 (Summer  2010), pp. 5-39.  I can 
send you a copy of it upon request.
Regarding the Tokdo specialist, I recommend Dr. Michael A.  Launius, 
Professor of Political Science & the Executive Director  of the International 
Studies & Programs at Central Washington  University.  He published several 
research papers, newspaper  special columns, etc.  Thanks.
Bang-Soon L. Yoon

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Dear members, 

I would like to know who are  the specialists on the issues of Korean 
comfort women, and  specialists on the issues of Tokto in the west. 

Information on  these will be appreciated. 

Best wishes, 

Junghee  Lee 
Junghee Lee 
Department of Art  
Portland State University 
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Portland, OR  97207-0751 
leeju at pdx.edu 
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