[KS] China Lays Claim to 'Arirang'

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sat Jul 9 15:06:25 EDT 2011

>Not so curious when seen in this light....

Fine, but can you explain how this relates? That 
is not necessarily so obvious. The article is 
about U.S.-Chinese relations, and the entry 
argument seems already quite off-track (or 
better, outdated) to me. Quote: "THE UNITED 
States and the People¹s Republic of China are 
locked in a quiet but increasingly intense 
struggle for power and influence (...)." To me 
that sounds like describing two chess players 
drinking a good wine while each struggles to win, 
not like one guy trying to hold on to his pants 
while the other loans him money to pay off the 
debt at his dry cleaner. It's not the 1990s 
anymore, and it's about money and power and pure 
survival of a continent or two, not cultural 
"misperceptions." Who does the author think is 
still interested in misperceptions? "The shifting 
structure of the international system" he refers 
to (as it happens every few hundred years) seems 
almost completed now.

Unrelated to above, but related to the "Arirang" 
song versions in Yanbian--just a thesis info:

   Pease, Joanna Rowan. "Yanbian Songs: Musical Expression of Identity amongst
                   Chinese Koreans." Ph.D. thesis. University of London, 2002.


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