[KS] China Lays Claim to 'Arirang'

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There is an element of justice in all this. Back in 2005, when 'Gangneung
Danoje' (known to most of us through the McCune Reischauer equivalent
'Kangnûng tanoje') was announced as a UNESCO 'Masterpiece in the Oral and
Intangible Heritage of Humanity', a number of Chinese scholars argued that
Dano/Tano was a Chinese festival, and that the 'Masterpiece' should be
recognised as Chinese, not Korean. This had the effect of galvanising
efforts in China to legislate and to appoint cultural traditions from around
China – including those of the recognised minorities – as cultural heritage
that should be registered, preserved and promoted. The scholar Tian Qing,
currently at the Music Research Institute in Beijing and closely associated
with Beijing politicians, has been particularly active in developing the
mechanisms as well as the criteria for registering cultural properties.
Needless to say, the music of Chinese Koreans constitutes part of the
Chinese cultural heritage. (For those who are interested, my colleague Rowan
Pease has written a wonderful PhD dissertation about the music of the
Chinese Koreans – it sits in the SOAS library, and I'm still trying to
persuade her to publish it!)

Keith Howard
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> O. K.,  Korean Arirang is Chinese, than this American Arirang is  - - - ?
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> Variations on a Korean Folk Song(Arirang)* by John Barnes Chance,1965
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>> Sort of a curious development.
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