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Hello Hilary:

Yes, Sin Yun-bok and "Miin-do" are good keywords. 
The most famous one by Sin Yun-bok is this one: 
The one you find in every tourist booklet, on 
umbrellas, as ball pen designs, etc.
The term "miin-do" seems to be a generic term, 
not an actual title. You also find miin-do 
paintings in China and Japan, also in later 
periods (e.g. during the Taishô period in Japan). 
That is a genre that traveled and changed 
throughout the centuries, was kind of 
"back-introduced" in a modern version to Korea in 
the 1920s.

The one you have there, the one the stage image 
is based on, looks to me like a 19th century work 
based on Sin Yun-bok. Especially the way the face 
is done would to me indicate that it is later 
than Sin Yun-bok's period. The Japanese National 
Museum in Tokyo in whose collection it is gives 
the painter as "anonymous."

Painter:  anonymous
114.2 cm x 56.5 cm, colors on paper
Collection: Tokyo National Museum (in Ueno Park)



Frank Hoffmann
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