[KS] Korean nationalism & Language of NK propaganda – request for help to find sources

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Fri Jul 29 18:12:53 EDT 2011

Dear Marta,
Concerning the linguistic aspects you can use Korean works of Prof. Kim
Min-su (series "*Puk-Han-Ui OnOhak yOngu"*, 1945-1990, 4 vols. Seoul, 1991:
*KugO  chOngch'aek ron. *Seoul, 1984, a.o.) and some Russian works on social
linguistics by Prof. L.B. Nikol'sky (*Yazyk v politike i ideologii stran
zarubezhnogo Vostoka*. Moscow, 1986, h/ 150-152; *Sinkhronnaya
sotsiolinguistika.* Moscow, 1976, a/o/), "*Problemy izucheniya yazykovoy
situtsii i yazykovoy vopros v stranah Azii i Afriki.* Moscow, 1970  (F.V.
Mal'kov "*O demokratizatsii yazyka v KNDR*", p. 225-232), etc.
Best regards,
Lev Kontsevich,

2011/7/28 Marta <martha_89_pl at yahoo.com>

> Dear List Members,
> I must apologize as this is my first message and already I am asking for
> some help, please excuse me.
> I recently received B.A. in Political Science (from Warsaw University,
> located in the capital of Poland). My thesis was entitled „Art as a mean of
> political propaganda in North Korea”. Now, as a M.A. student, I am planning
> to prepare next work. Due to the fact, that since October I will join
> faculty of Korean Philology additionally, I also have to write next B.A.
> thesis. This time I have an idea of following subjects:
> 1. for M.A. thesis – „Contemporary Korean nationalism in the DPRK”
> 2. B.A. – „Linguistic aspects of written propaganda in North Korea” (from
> typically linguistic point of view, not concerning political science)
> I began research to find materials about these topics, for example by
> searching books on Web portals, e.g. Amazon or AbeBooks. I have already read
> or at least purchased books on Korean nationalism and propaganda written,
> among others, by Bryan Myers, Andrei Lankov, Bruce Cumings, Gi-Wook Shin,
> etc.
> However, I do not have any idea how to find articles and dissertations
> (i.e. B.A./M.A. theses on similar topics, prepared on universities around
> the world), which are hard to obtain for non-scholars and publicly
> unavailable on the Web. Could you give me any help or suggestions, how to
> look for such works?
> Do you know any researchers, who are specialized in following topics to
> whom I could write via e-mail for advice? Or any good articles or documents
> regarding exactly subjects I am interested in?
> By the way, I would like to ask you about one more thing... Is it actually
> appropriate to ask scholars for their works directly, if I want them to make
> their texts available for me (by sending via e-mail, in .pdf format)? I am
> very afraid that I may be construed as impolite...
> I can read Korean that I learn since 3 years now, but I prefer English and
> generally I am rather looking for English-language materials.
> I would be very grateful for any help from you.
> Best regards,
> Marta

L.R. Kontsevich
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