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Professor Jonathan Chaves of George Washington University, an expert on Chinese poetry and the author/editor of such works as "Mei Yao-ch'en and the Development of Early Sung Poetry" (1976) and the "Columbia Book of Later Chinese Poetry: Yuan, Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties" (1986), has kindly responded to the February 28th inquiry below from Agnieszka Smiatacz (Academy of Korean Studies).  He did so in response to the inquiry that I forwarded to him.  I am sharing Professor Chaves' response with the Korean Studies listserve in order that everyone may benefit.

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March 1, 2011

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This is the second half of a quatrain by the great Neo-Confucian (理學)  thinker, Chu Hsi/Zhu Xi 朱熹 (1130-1200), whose ideas exerted enormous influence in Korea and Japan as well as in China. Chu was a good poet as well, although this one is closer to straight-forward moral indoctrination than to poetry in the full sense:

 勸學      宋•朱熹

In youth, studying comes easily,  in old age--hard to do!

Do not look lightly on even one moment of your precious time.

Before one has woken from a dream of spring plants beside a lovely pool,

Before the steps, paulownia leaves already make autumn sounds.

Note:  草 in this usage really applies to all plants, flowers included, "flora". There has been limitless talk about the wu-t'ung/wutong tree, with many claiming it really isn't the "paulownia," but I continue to use the latter as being a good poetic equivalent. . . .

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