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Fri Mar 4 07:28:27 EST 2011

Dear list,
searching on the "Digital Dictionary of Buddhism", I met this passage:
"In the Ϥ•ÒÊiShittan z¨­
T 2702
 by Annen °²È» (fl. 9C; 840-?, known to have been living and aged 44 in 
884), it is said to be the work of a Weolchung ÔÂÖÒ of Mt Daegong ´ó¿Õɽ in 
Silla ÐÂÁ_, and for this reason, the text is usually regarded as composed 
between the seventh and eighth centuries in Silla."
I'd like to have more informations on this Weolchung, and I hoped someone of you could answer me.
I thank you for your time,
Cristiano Parmeggiani
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