[KS] reprehensible journalism from Arirang TV

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Dear Tobias,

That's odd, as the site is a community discussion board that has fan comments on the Arirang TV clip; nothing untoward about it at all that I can see, although there may be a warning for it the way that some commmunity bbs have in place and that might have snagged your browser. In any case, the YouTube link should be fine. If people wish to respond to Arirang an easy way to do is to leave a comment on their YouTube channel page:



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Dear Stephen,

the first link from the livejournal does not work out. I get a permanent warning that this website is X-rated...:-)


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> Dear all,
> I don't usually send out links to the list, but the below piece from
> Arirang is one of the most absolutely reprehensible items of journalism that I
> ever seen and deserves wide circulation, as it offers an opportunity to
> combat the attitudes it reflects. The piece takes examples of female pop stars
> in Korea with "healthy" legs (yes, "healthy" is their word) but tries to
> suggest that "healthy" (i.e. anything but very nalsshinhada) is, in fact,
> bad. The promotion of extremely unhealthy body images and eating disorders is
> the logical outcome here.
> The piece is getting hammered on YouTube (it's only been up a day so far
> and running 15 to 1 dislike to like, maybe more, a ratio I've never seen,
> and the comments have all been appropriately scathing.). In any case, for
> those of you who ever have to teach anything about body image or plastic
> surgery in Korea, this will be eye-opening for students; you may want to
> download it as I suspect it will be taken down soon. Hopefully this piece will get
> wide attention (my own aim in sending this out) and Arirang will be forced
> into issuing a high-profile apology
> http://community.livejournal.com/omonatheydidnt/6227567.html
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaPs7bMH2Vc
> Cheers, Stephen

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