[KS] reprehensible journalism from Arirang TV

Roald Maliangkay Roald.Maliangkay at anu.edu.au
Thu Mar 24 20:20:50 EDT 2011

Dear Don,

There¹s no fine line between ³appealing images² and fun, and sending out the
message that women with heavy-looking legs can do much better. I am not
calling for a crusade at all, but I certainly don¹t think it is in good
taste and can be harmful to girls. I am sorry you find me shameful in
condemning its public message. I think that public broadcasters should know
better than to portray women like that without at least a sense of humour or
critical side-note. I quite like a bit of humour too, you see, but this one
really had none of it; they should have taken the Mickey out of it, but they
didn¹t. Geez, there¹s enough sexists in Asian studies... Do we really have
to ignore this video in the name of your free speech? Free speech means I
can criticise it, so shame on you for telling me to keep my mouth shut. You
should know better.

On 25/03/11 8:03 AM, "don kirk" <kirkdon at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Thank you for posting this piece back on you-tube. It's quite an amusing
> commentary, actually, on Korean fashion, "girl groups," models and society.
> There's no reason to carry on a crusade about it. Arirang has a right to run
> such a feature. It seems extremely odd that academics, the first to defend
> freedom of speech and democratic rights, should attempt, in the name of
> political correctness, to want to suppress a simple feature piece that has
> colorful, fun, appealing images, pleasant and interesting commentary and
> actually something to say about current fashions and thinking.
> There are views other than those of like-minded academics, who are not
> necessarily correct in all their political correctness. Shame on you, in the
> name of PC, for this disgraceful effort at suppression of free speech, free
> idea and free reporting.
> Don Kirk
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>> Re: [KS] reprehensible journalism from Arirang TV Dear all,
>> I have re-uploaded the video, but YouTube warn me that it is not "my" content
>> and may therefore be removed again, so please have a look at it before
>> Arirang TV dare have it removed and risk retaliation from the ³strong muscles
>> on my calves" next time I pass by their offices on the way to the Kungnip
>> kugagwôn... ^^
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vVR_s6Uv1A
>> Regards,
>> Roald
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>>> > Dear Stephen,
>>> > 
>>> > the first link from the livejournal does not work out. I get a permanent
>>> > warning that this website is X-rated...:-)
>>> > 
>>> > Greetings,
>>> > Tobias
>>> > 
>>> > 
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>>>> >> Dear all,
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> I don't usually send out links to the list, but the below piece from
>>>> >> Arirang is one of the most absolutely reprehensible items of journalism
>>>> that >> I
>>>> >> ever seen and deserves wide circulation, as it offers an opportunity to
>>>> >> combat the attitudes it reflects. The piece takes examples of female pop
>>>> >> stars
>>>> >> in Korea with "healthy" legs (yes, "healthy" is their word) but tries to
>>>> >> suggest that "healthy" (i.e. anything but very nalsshinhada) is, in
>>>> fact,
>>>> >> bad. The promotion of extremely unhealthy body images and eating
>>>> disorders is
>>>> >> the logical outcome here.
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> The piece is getting hammered on YouTube (it's only been up a day so far
>>>> >> and running 15 to 1 dislike to like, maybe more, a ratio I've never
>>>> seen,
>>>> >> and the comments have all been appropriately scathing.). In any case,
>>>> for
>>>> >> those of you who ever have to teach anything about body image or plastic
>>>> >> surgery in Korea, this will be eye-opening for students; you may want to
>>>> >> download it as I suspect it will be taken down soon. Hopefully this
>>>> piece 
>>>> >> will get
>>>> >> wide attention (my own aim in sending this out) and Arirang will be
>>>> forced
>>>> >> into issuing a high-profile apology
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> http://community.livejournal.com/omonatheydidnt/6227567.html
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaPs7bMH2Vc
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> Cheers, Stephen
>>>> >> 
>>>> >> 

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