[KS] English translation of Yongdam Yusa

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Dear Cristiano, Frank, and list members,

Please forgive the self-promotion, but my book manuscript should be out around the end of the year (UCLA Philosophy and Religion Series, Korean Classics Library, UHP).  It includes annotated translations of Tonghak doctrine and non-doctrinal works: Eastern Scripture (Tonggyŏng taejŏn), Songs of Yongdam (Yongdam yusa), Master Haewŏl’s Discussion on the Teachings (Haewŏl sinsa pŏpsŏl), Account of the Origin of the Way (Towŏn kisŏ), and more.  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have, Cristiano.

George Kallander

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Dear Cristiano:

There are many partial translations and long quotes of/from the 
Yongdam yusa, but I doubt any full translation exists.

The longest of those partial translations is, I think, to be found in 
George Kallander's 2006 dissertation, Columbia U.: "Finding the 
Heavenly Way ...," in the appendix.


>Dear list,
>is anyone of you aware if exists (and in case where I can find it) 
>an English translation of Ch'eondogyo sacred text Yongdam Yusa? Just 
>seraching around the web I couldn't be able to find it.
>Thank you in advance,
>Cristiano Parmeggiani

Frank Hoffmann

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