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I remember that a couple of years ago, there was a Korean student who 
wrote about the atrocities Korean soldiers committed and was harshly 
criticized by the military, Does anyone remember more details about that?

At 07:21 AM 4/16/2012, you wrote:
>Dear Brian,
>There is an interesting documentary, "Black Sergeant Kim returning
>from Vietnam"(no.77, 2004) in "I can say now (Ijeneun Malhalsu Itda)"
>series, produced by MBC in South Korea, for which I was an adviser.
>According to interviews in the documentary, most of the Korean
>soldiers in Vietnam were not volunteers, but were forcefully mobilized
>in combat units. Of course, there were volunteers in Korean combat
>divisions in Vietnam. I do not have any statistics, unfortunately.
>Tae Gyun Park.

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