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It was a graduate student who did research in Vietnam and came across 
the stories and wrote them for Mal magazine, published Hangyorae, in the 
late 1990s. Her stories literally created a storm with ROK vets trashing 
their offices and much and wringing anguish from the public and the 
government. Soon thereafter a Vet group, those who atoned for the 
atrocities, erected a memorial in VN. This is part of the ruptured 
history (Sheila Jager and Rana Mitter's term) of post Cold War Asia as 
the reality of ROK atrocities had been out since the early 1970s but 
"hidden" in Korea until the post Cold War.

Jiyul Kim

On 4/15/2012 8:23 PM, Henny Savenije wrote:
> I remember that a couple of years ago, there was a Korean student who 
> wrote about the atrocities Korean soldiers committed and was harshly 
> criticized by the military, Does anyone remember more details about that?
> At 07:21 AM 4/16/2012, you wrote:
>> Dear Brian,
>> There is an interesting documentary, "Black Sergeant Kim returning
>> from Vietnam"(no.77, 2004) in "I can say now (Ijeneun Malhalsu Itda)"
>> series, produced by MBC in South Korea, for which I was an adviser.
>> According to interviews in the documentary, most of the Korean
>> soldiers in Vietnam were not volunteers, but were forcefully mobilized
>> in combat units. Of course, there were volunteers in Korean combat
>> divisions in Vietnam. I do not have any statistics, unfortunately.
>> Best,
>> Tae Gyun Park.
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