[KS] call for papers "The State, Violence and the Rule of Law"

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Mon Apr 30 04:31:24 EDT 2012

The European Forum on Korean-Japanese History


"The State, Violence and the Rule of Law in Korean-Japanese History" 

International Workshop

28-29 June 2013, Leiden

With the aim of promoting comparative research in Korean and Japanese
history and enhancing the dialogue between historians of Korea and Japan in
Europe, the European Forum on Korean-Japanese History was established on 18
March 2012. The Forum is an independent body supported by the National
Institute for Korean History. Its initial objective is to organize biennial
workshops bringing together historians of Japan and Korea to exchange views
on subjects of mutual relevance and interest. 

The European Forum functions as a platform where the tangled histories of
Korea and Japan are critically debated, common framing concepts are
questioned, source materials are reread and untapped archival materials
mobilized. As the professional field is still largely defined by national
labels - we are historians of Korea and/or Japan - the European Forum probes
how these labels as ordering principles that subliminally reproduce
contemporary antagonisms in both research and teaching can be overcome. For
too long a historiography based on the nation-state has prevented relevant
dialogues from occurring. Now, theoretical and methodological developments
in historiography allow the writing of history beyond the nation-state and
open up new fields of research on multidirectional transnational flows of
ideas, goods and people; subalternity, historical agency and the
multiplicity of perspectives.  

The conceptual triangle State-Violence-Law is on purpose wide open. We seek
contributions in English of original research from scholars around the globe
dealing with any or all of these concepts from a perspective of
institutional, political, social, cultural, international, transnational or
comparative history. Papers that introduce hitherto untapped archival
resources and/or challenging reinterpretations of established readings are
particularly solicited. Unimpressed by the reification of the modern, we
explicitly welcome contributions irrespective of period, hoping to strike a
balance between "modernists" and "premodernists".

Abstracts (max. 750 words and a short bio) can be sent to the workshop
organizer, Koen De Ceuster ( <mailto:k.de.ceuster at hum.leidenuniv.nl>
k.de.ceuster at hum.leidenuniv.nl) before 30 July 2012. Authors will be
notified of acceptance in the course of the summer.  Full papers are due 25
May 2013. Pending funding, all costs will be covered.


The European Forum on Korean-Japanese History

Koen De Ceuster (Leiden University), Chair
Barak Kushner (Cambridge University), Vice-Chair
Michael Shin (Cambridge University)
Klaus Antoni (Tuebingen University)
You Jae Lee (Tuebingen University)
Gwang Oon Kim (NIKH), ex officio.


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