[KS] Kim Jong-un Insists N. Korean Navy Sunk USS Baltimore during the Battle of Chumunchin in the Korean War

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During the Korean War, Kim Il-sung fabricated a myth that his Grandson
still perpetuates.****
On April 7th, the North Korean Workers' Party Newspaper, *The Rodong Sinmum*
 (로동신문) ran an article regarding North Korean Leader Kim
Jong-un's inspection tour to Navy Unit 155 on ****North Korea****'s east
coast (Munchoen-gun, Kangwon-do). The article quoted Kim Jong-un as
praising the unit " for such laudable military feats that startled the
world, as sinking ****U.S.**** imperialists' heavy cruiser *BALTIMORE* with
just four torpedo crafts in the naval battle in Jumunjin during the
Fatherland Liberation War." (Please see the Rodong Sinmun article below.)**
There is no way to know whether Kim knew it or not, but the story about the
North Korean Navy sinking the *USS BALTIMORE* in the very early days of the
Korean War is a completely fabricated story. At the time, the *USS BALTIMORE
* was out of commission and in reserve at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in
Bremerton, Washington almost 5000 miles away from Chumunchin.
** **
The following ****U.S.**** and British official accounts of the Battle of
Chumunchin* *are the exact opposite of North Korean accounts of the same
** **
*****Battle****** of Chumunchin (Action of 2 July 1950)*
"*...*the cruiser USS Juneau and 2 British ships, HMS Black Swan and HMS
Jamaica at daylight on 2 July sighted
4 North Korean torpedo boats escorting 10 converted trawlers (ammunition
carriers) closed inshore making for Chumunjin-up (주문진읍) on the east coast
of ****Korea****. The USS ****Juneau**** and the 2 British ships turned to
engage the North Korean vessels, and the torpedo boats at the same time
headed for them."****
** **
"The first salvo of the naval guns sank 2 of the torpedo boats, and the
other 2 raced away. Naval gun fire then sank 7 of the 10 ships in the
convoy: 3 escaped behind breakwater." ****
** **
This was the only battle fought between surface combatants during the
Korean War. The Communists never again challenged the naval supremacy of
U.N. forces throughout the remainder of the war. ****The Korean War was
just seven days old at the time of Battle of Chumunchin (주문진해전)* *and three
days after that, the U.S. Army first fought with North Koreans at Osan(re.
Task Force Smith).
** **
Regardless of these facts, North Korea still calls this battle the first
victory over American Imperialists and the first of the *Five Great
Victories** of the Fatherland Liberation War (The Korean War) over U.N.
** **
Befitting to their so called victory, which by their accounts was
"unprecedented in the world history of naval war", North Korea** proudly
displays a propaganda poster claiming that the USS Baltimore was sunk by
their navy at the Fatherland Liberation War Museum (조국해방전쟁기념관) in ****
Pyongyang****. They also display the Russian built *Torpedo Boat 21*, which
allegedly sank the USS Baltimore. Ironically, even the authenticity of the
boat is dubious, as many outside experts dispute that the torpedo boat on
display is actually a newer Russian model. ****
* ****North Korea**** claims that the following five battles are their *Five
Great Victories*:****
** **
1)       *****Battle****** of Chumunchin (Action of 2 July 1950), July 2nd,
2)       Battle for Daejon Liberation(대전전투), July 14th - 20th, 1950****
3)       ****Battle**** to defend Wolmi-do(인천 월미도), September 15, 1950 (a
Part of Inchoen Landing)****
4)       **Battle** at Hill 1211(Kim Il-sung Hill), September - October,
1951, Kumkang-gun, ****Kangwon-do**, **North Korea********
5)       **Battle** at Hill 351, June - July, 1953, Kosung-gun, Kanwon-do,
South of Kumkang-San, ****North Korea********
** **

Kwang-On Yoo****

Apr. 7, Juche 101 (2012) Saturday

Kim Jong Un Inspects KPA Navy Unit 155

 Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un, supreme leader
of the Workers' Party of Korea and the people of the DPRK, inspected KPA
Navy Unit 155 honored with the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment.

He first went round the monument to the field guidance of President Kim Il
Sung and warships visited by the three commanders of Mt. Paektu.

This unit is marked with many footprints left by the President and leader
Kim Jong Il to provide field guidance, he said, recollecting with deep
emotion the unforgettable historical day he visited the unit, accompanying
the leader.

The DPRK has such matchless fleet thanks to the wise leadership and
meticulous care of the President and Kim Jong Il who worked heart ad soul
for the founding and development of the naval forces, he said, adding that
their undying feats will always go down in the history of the country.

He once again highly praised the unit for such laudable military feats that
startled the world as sinking U.S. imperialists' heavy cruiser "Baltimore"
with just four torpedo craft in the naval battle in Jumunjin during the
Fatherland Liberation War, the battle results unprecedented in the world
history of naval war, and capturing the U.S. imperialists' armed spy ship
"Pueblo" when intruding into the territorial waters of the DPRK in

He stressed the need for the seamen of the unit to firmly take over the
baton of the revolutionary forerunners, send the enemies into the bottom of
the sea if they dare intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK and
thus further glorify the tradition of the unit which has demonstrated only
victories, a stalwart unit, generation after generation.

He then boarded patrol ship 1003 anchoring at the moorage and went round it.

Looking round with great attention different places of the ship used by the
three commanders of Mt. Paektu, he praised the seamen of the unit for
preserving and managing it to its original state with good care.

He said that the significant ship visited by the President four times, Kim
Jong Il three times and anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk is the flagship
of the KPA Navy.

He acquainted himself in detail with the unit's combat duties, trainings,
etc. before inspecting flotillas 1, 4, 5 and 83 under the unit.

He guided training in firearms of torpedo craft 1213 of flotilla 1 and its
tactical drill.

He expressed satisfaction over the fact that seamen are undergoing
intensive combat training and, at the same time, discharging their combat
duty in a responsible manner while watching the enemy's moves for
aggression with vigilance. He set forth the tasks for rounding off combat
preparations and bolstering the combat capability.

He made the rounds of sailors' rooms, rooms dedicated to education and mess
halls of flotillas to take deep care of their living.

He gave flotillas 1, 4, 5 and 83 pairs of binoculars and automatic rifles
as souvenirs and had photo sessions with them.

He was accompanied by KPA Generals Kim Won Hong and Hyon Chol Hae, KPA
Lieut. Generals Ri Tu Song and Ri Jong Mu.
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