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Kil Chae / Gil Jae  (길재 吉再:1353~1419) was a scholar born in Seonsan, GyeongsanBukdo, who lived in the late Goryeo  and early Joseon periods. He learned Confucianism from Yi Saek, Jeong Mongju,etc  One of the "3 Recluses" at the end of Goryeo, he was offered a position in the new Joseon administration but REFUSED. His usual Ho was Ya-eun 야은(冶隱) but he also used Chung-jeol  충절(忠節). 

See Larry Gross's page at http://thewordshop.tripod.com/kilchae.html  for one of his 2 surviving sijo and a more detailed bio. The sijo, written after a visit to the former Goryeo capital of Gaeseong:

On horseback I ride around the 500-year old capital.
The mountains and streams remain unchanged,
but the heroes of old no more.
Alas! The golden days were but a fleeting dream.''

On Facebook you may read: The philosophical lineage of the Sarim scholars originated from the neo-Confucian school of Gil Jae (1353?1419)'s school and Kwon Geun (1352-1409)'s school, Goryeo scholar who studied under Yi Saek and Jeong Mong-ju, Jeong Do-jeon. After fall of Goryeo dynasty, he retreated to his home village refusing to serve new Joseon dynasty despite King Taejong's request. Gil Jae concentrated on cultivating new generation of neo-Confucian scholars including Kim Suk-ja and his son Kim Jong-jik.

Recently published volumes of his writing include  Kugyo?k Yau?n Kil So?nsaeng munjip / by Kil, Chae, 1353-1419. Published 1965 and Kugyo?k Yau?n So?nsaeng o?nhaeng su?byu, pyo?ng sokchip / by Kil, Chae, 1353-1419. Published 1980 

Wikipedia offers a specimen of his handwriting http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gil_Jae

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