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The following references might be useful for those who are interested in
these topics.

*On Korean Gardens*:

1. Wolji (月池) later known as Anapchi (雁鴨池) is the oldest royal garden in
Korea. Professor Lothar Ledderose came to Kyongju many years ago to study
this excavated royal garden with a pond since no equivalent example has
survived in Tang China.

2. For a general survey on Korean gardens in relation to architecture see,
   Min Kyong-hyon, "Han'guk chongwon munhwa" (韓國庭苑文化. 庭苑學叢書 2)
   in two volumes. Seoul: Yekyong sanopsa, 1991.

3. Kang Hui-an's "Yanghwa sorok" (姜希顔. 養花小錄)  has already beeen mentioned.
See the modern translation with the original hanmun text: 양화소록 -선비화가의 꽃 기르는
마음-. 눌와 1999.

4. There is frequent mention of plants and flowers around Korean temples in
the selection of Seon Poems, just published by the Jogye Order of Korean
Buddhism, vol.9 in the set of volumes recently announced by Charles Mueller.

*On Korean Tea Culture*

1.The late Choson Son master, Ch'oui (草衣 禪師 1786-1866) at Iljiam (一枝庵),
Haenam wrote a Korean tea canon "Tong ta song 東茶頌".

2. As I remember several years ago a PhD thesis on Korean tea culture was
in progress at Dongguk University.

Youngsook Pak
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