[KS] Korean impact on Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Dear List Members:

For the past 27 years I have been a student of Japanese Tea Ceremony
(Urasenke School) and have been wondering about the Korean influences on it.
The recently retired Grand Master Genshutsu Sen (Hounsai, Soshitsu Sen XVI,
informally (but not privately) said that he know that his ancestors had some
Korean heritage. We know, too, that the fabled Raku ceramics lineage is
easily traceable to Korea during the time of Hideyoshi. But there many be,
for example, a Korean source of the kaiseki meal featuring 2 soups and 3
side dishes.

Daniel Burkus, an independent scholar of tea history living in Korea who
traces the roots of Rikyu¹s chanoyu, has written a piece about it in his
blog http://chanoyu-to-wa.tumblr.com. I am wondering if anyone would like to
comment / expand on his essay. In advance, thank you.
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