[KS] Source for 8.15 Liberation photo?

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If you look closely, the photo has an overprinted red and blue logo from the City of Seoul, and if enlarged, some other text.  I would start with the hongbo-sil at Seoul City Hall.
Good luck.  Norman Thorpe

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Wish I could help but am not familiar with the source. Seems to be an illustrated narrative of Koreans celebrating the Japanese surrender before Hodge’s troops landed almost a month later. Is that Yuh Woon-Hyung in #10?
Cheers, Mike Munk


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Dear list members,

I'm trying to track down the original source of the often-used photo of prisoners leaving Sodaemun Prison on August 16, 1945.
It is the seventh photo down on the following webpage: http://www.seoul.go.kr/life/life/culture/history_book/picture_seoul3/1/1212543_5165.html
I'd like to use it in a publication and need some help getting approval from the relevant copyright owners, as well as a publishable high quality copy.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Suzy Kim
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