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Just a shot note: the American Army downgraded their commitment in Europe and so the FRG, which was supposed to be demilitarized, got an army, a major change in the German-European-American theatre... I believe that was the last step to 100% souverenity.
And when the Korean War was over, Germany bought used tanks (and maybe other stuff?) Anyway, I was in a tank unit and we received tanks which showed traces of warfare (even holes from impact...)

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Somewhat short notice but that is not unusual.

Odd however, that there is no mention of
the rest of the world. Europe (East and West) was very much affected by the Korean
War – Britain lost 1000 in the war. Poland, East Germany and other
Eastern countries were major suppliers of assistance during and after the war.
No Japanese scholars? The United Nations and the Korean war seems to be totally

Jim Hoare


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  Dear Colleagues, 
  In the name of Prof. Chung Young-soon, the Director
  of the Institute for East Asian History at the Academy of Korean Studies, I
  would like to invite you all to our conference on the Korean War, with
  the theme of “The Memory of War, the War of Memory”, which will
  be held on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the
  Graduate School Auditorium at the Academy of Korean Studies. 
  For directions please refer to AKS webpage:
  If you reside in Seoul, the easiest way is to
  take bus no. 9003, from a bus stop located nearby exit 12 of Euljiro-3ga
  Stn line no. 2 and 3(go to the bus stop which is closer to the
  intersection); the bus goes straight to the main gate of the
  campus. From Kangnam Stn., bus no. 9004 goes in the same direction.



  The Korean War as seen from the United States

  Presenter: Prof. Kathryn Weathersby (Johns Hopkins University, USA)

  Panel Discussion: Prof. Kang Kyu Hyung (Myungji University, Korea)


  The Korean War as seen from Russia

  Presenter: Dr. Leonid Petrov (Sydney University, Australia)

  Panel Discussion: Prof. Andrei Lankov (Kookmin University, Korea)


  The Korean War as seen from China

  Presenter: Prof. Lee Chun Bok (Sungkyunkwan University, Korea)

  Panel Discussion: Prof. Kim Myung Sup (Yonsei University, Korea)


  The Korean War in the Memories of the Korean People

  Presenter: Prof. Son Kyung Ho (Korea National Defense University, Korea)

  Panel Discussion: Prof. Park Myung Rim (Yonsei University, Korea)


  The Korean War as seen from Japan

  Presenter: Prof. Yang Young Jo (Institute for Military History Compilation)

  Panel Discussion: Prof. Kim Yong Jik (Sungshin Women’s University,


  Q & A Session


  Scholars, researchers and students are welcome to attend.


  For all enquiries regarding the conference please contact:

  Ms. Kim Hye Rang at khr1223 at hanmail.net (information
  in Korean)
  Ms. Agnieszka Smiatacz at magnesmerald at yahoo.co.uk
  (information in English)
  Best regards,
  Agnieszka Smiatacz


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