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Dear list members,

We are delighted to announce the publication of the Winter 2012 issue of
the *Korea Journal *(vol. 52, no. 4), which is devoted to the special topic
of “Understanding the Colonial Modern Period of Korea through the Lens of
Conceptual History.”

The special topic reflects on Korea’s modernity through the history of
concepts and brings to light that the early to mid-1920s of Korea can be
regarded as the fluctuation period of modern concepts. The authors of this
special issue try to explicate the close relations between concepts and
social changes in this period, conducting a comprehensive review of how *
gaein* (individual), *sahoe* (society), *minjung *(people), *gyoyang* (mind
cultivation), and *haengbok* (happiness) changed from the late nineteenth
century through the colonial era.

In addition to these special focus articles, this issue contains three
research articles and a book review. The article by Lee Byoung-Hoon and Kim
Jong-Sung addresses the growing trends of youth inactiveness in South
Korea, investigating the macro- and micro-level factors that affect such
trends. The article by Yoo Jin Wol and Lee Hwa Hyung examines how Lady
Hyegyeong, the wife of Prince Sado of the Joseon dynasty, made use of a
writing strategy in order to represent herself in her autobiography, *
Hanjungnok* (A Record of Sorrowful Days), and created her subject through
it. Kim Choong-Yeol’s article explores how the Enlightenment-based
progressive view of time affected Korean reformist intellectuals’ formation
of self-deprecating attitude towards their country’s past.

The contents of this issue are as follows:

Special Topic: Understanding the Colonial Modern Period of Korea through
the Lens of Conceptual History

KIM Hyun-ju / [On this topic] Understanding the Colonial Modern Period of
Korea through the Lens of Conceptual History
YOO Hyunkyung and AN Yelee / Conceptualization of the Individual as a
Modern Subject in Korea: Analysis of Co-occurrence Relations
KIM Hyun-ju / The Concept of *Sahoe* (Society) in the Practice and
Discourse of *Sahoejang *(Public Funeral) in Colonial Korea
HUR Soo / The Significance of the Concept of *Minjung* and Changes Thereto:
With a Focus on the 1920s
KWON Boduerae / *Haengbok* (Happiness), beyond Its Colonialism and
CHEON Jung-hwan / A Conceptual History of *Gyoyang* (Mind Cultivation) and
the Evolution of Knowledge Culture in Korea


LEE Byoung-Hoon and KIM Jong-Sung / A Causal Analysis of Youth Inactiveness
in the Korean Labor Market
YOO Jin Wol and LEE Hwa Hyung / Representation Strategy and Subject
Formation in *Hanjungnok*
Choong-Yeol KIM / The Origin of the Reformist Intellectuals’
Self-Deprecating Mentality: Effects of the Progressive Conception of Time
in Late Nineteenth-Century Korea


Richard D. McBRIDE II / *Wŏnhyo’s Philosophy of Mind* (Eds. A. Charles
Muller and Cuong T. Nguyen)

We would like to take this opportunity to remind list members that we
always welcome submissions of articles and book reviews in the field of
Korean studies. For further information on submission guidelines, please
refer to the journal's web page:
http://www.ekoreajournal.net/submission/index.htm. We also want to wish you
all the best for the upcoming new year!


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