[KS] Gold leaf on the Kim Il Sung statue in the Mansudae Grand Monument?

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Thu Dec 27 17:09:24 EST 2012

> No doubt the main statue of the leader in the country is of the 
> highest symbolic value, so not even the smallest change would happen 
> without a purpose. So what is it that the changed appearance of the 
> Kim Il Sung statue wants to tell the North Korean people?

I am sure the Renmin Ribao and Rodong sinmun reading grey suit men 
under Nixon and Brezhnev would know all the secrets about the 
iconological meaning of Communist leaders suddenly wearing glasses and 
of statues being moved to the right or left. Although I think they have 
long left their basement offices and went off spending their last 
breath at Florida beaches or some country-side datchas, as that kind of 
analysis did not quite lead them to the nirvana they had hoped for. 
Reincarnation then? 

Wish you a good karma for 2013! 

(the other one again)

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