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Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Mon Feb 13 21:38:32 EST 2012

Dear All:

Today I stumbled over a website, a project, that I feel deserves to 
be introduced to the list. It is a truly wonderful project in my 
eyes, and I much enjoyed seeing that two young students, only 24 and 
25 years old, have taken on such a task, and have done this with so 
much enthusiasm, hard work, and such a professional concept.

Now, I do not know what linguists think about the website "as is" -- 
but I would certainly wish that such a project succeeds and that 
established scholars as well as other students from Korea and 
overseas would join such a project (everyone can!), as it seems 
exactly what students learning Korean will appreciate to use as a 

Korean Wiki Project (KWP)
http://www.koreanwikiproject.com/  (cover page)
The actual 'wiki' is here:

Self-introductions by the project's two initiators:
Matt Strum
Chris (alias DigitalSoju  ... cute!)

For those of you who believe they are not familiar with the term 
"wiki": you are actually familiar with it, as this is the 
organizational and technical structure that Wikipedia.org introduced, 
that is how Wikipedia.org works. Nowadays you can download and 
install free (released under GNU/GPL) wiki scripts such as MediaWiki 
or DokuWiki which all imitate Wikipedia's functionality and run your 
own wikipedia from your own website. The above KWP site uses 
MediaWiki (http://mediawiki.org), which indeed derives directly from 
Anyway, we should hope for more students and 'old dogs' to initiate 
such valuable projects using state-of-the-art platforms now easily 


Frank Hoffmann
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