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Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Sat Feb 4 03:25:02 EST 2012

As many will have read in today's newspaper, the National Museum of Korea has begun to make available online a digital library of its Uigwe collection (the Royal Viewing Copies returned from France last year) in a special set of pages at http://uigwe.museum.go.kr/ At present I think that about 30 volumes can be viewed page by page and there are other resources, including a Bibiography of studies. Most impressive, there is also a page-by-page transcript of the Chinese-character text. There are also some special pages with pictures of processions. There are 2 possible problems about this very welcome development. One is that everything is only available in Korean. The other is that people wishing to see the pages will need to download various kinds of software. I am not sure if users of Macs will have problems.

There is also the site of the Bibilotheque Nationale de France with about 45 volumes (some only the covers, though, and some just the illustrtaions) which is easier to read and access, but the images do not seem very sharp.

I have expanded the Wikipedia page devoted to the Uigwe, slightly.

Brother Anthony
Sogang University, etc

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