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Following is a complete description of  the "Complex of Koguryo Tombs"
which were registered with UNESCO as North Korea's World Cultural Heritage
site in 2004.
Kwang-On Yoo

Complex of Koguryo Tombs1. North Korean Official Description

Time-honoured History, Brilliant Culture
 Mural paintings of tombs of Koguryo

 Koguryo is the first feudal state that existed in the Korean peninsula
between 277 B.C. and A.D. 668. Many tombs with mural paintings of Koguryo
are found in the basin of the River Taedong around Pyongyang and vast areas
of South Phyongan and South Hwanghae Provinces.
 The paintings are seen on the walls and ceilings of several chambers in
the tombs. Many of them are figure and genre paintings, pictures of 4
deities and decorative patterns. The paintings vividly show the peculiar
characteristics of the Koguryo people, the then social situation and
economic and cultural life through distinguished artistry.
 The mixture of color soil and other mineral materials was used for the
colour paintings. The materials were technically treated so as to preserve
the original colours for a long time. Though many years has passed, the
mural paintings still preserve their original colours.
 The mural paintings vividly show the art of drawing, which is a glimpse of
the high level of the fine arts of Koguryo. They are the oldest of the
paintings so far handed down and the culmination of the oriental pictures
in the early years of the Middle Ages in view of brushwork and
lifelikeness. 63 mural tombs of Koguryo including the Mausoleum of King
Tongmyong of Korea and the Yaksu-ri mural tomb considered as masterpieces
of the Medieval Paintings, were registered as world cultural heritages at
the 28th meeting of the World Heritage Commission of the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

2. Commemorative Stamps(2006 - 2008)




3. Official UNESCO Description

4. Photo Gallery

5. Video
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