[KS] KCTV's hour-long paean to Kim Jong-un yesterday can now be seen in full by all

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Wed Jan 11 07:07:21 EST 2012

Apologies for too many posting.

Here a brief postscript to a remark I made in my first reply to this thread:

Keyword "IT outsourcing" to North Korea:
Nosotek  -- http://www.nosotek.com
This is a German-North Korean IT company -- shows very well how 
outrageously obscure that scene is. E.g., look at the "price list" 
and the explanations there.

But I am posting this now as three days ago there was a newspaper 
article about the company's background in a small regional German 
newspaper (saw it coincidentally via RSS feed):

The company's "president"--the article clarifies that he himself 
finds that term rather amusing--has in the meantime gone back to his 
German village to open a small window frame business, and I mean 
"window" and not "Windows."


Frank Hoffmann
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