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Adam Cathcart (again) has now kindly provided
an annotated commentary/guide to the whole  programme:
I've seen posts on sayings by KJU, but can't immediately find  them.
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I have  heroically viewed the entire thing, and found it a deeply  
depressing  experience. One of the bizarre things about it is that it  
is in  effect silent, and we never hear the voices of the three  
geniuses.  If they are so brilliant why won't the govt let the people  
to hear  them impart their wisdom at first hand? I believe KJI's voice  
has  only been heard a couple of times, once during the Albright visit   
and once on an official tape, can anyone confirm? But coming back to   
the above paean I noticed that it includes a genuine (insofar as   
anything is genuine in DPRK) KJE (or KJU if you insist) quote, at   
22.04, his very first I think. Could anyone be so kind as to  translate  
his words of wisdom? For what it's worth I also spotted  Supreme  
People's Assembly head Choe Thae Bok at 33.51, he has  visited UK twice.

Best wishes,

Michael  Rank

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