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Charles Muller cmuller-lst at jj.em-net.ne.jp
Tue Jan 17 23:41:32 EST 2012

Mårten Söderblom Saarela wrote:

> As a Mac user, I'm constantly frustrated by the DB of Korean Classics.
> Does anybody know of a way to either harvest all the material on the
> site (text and images; I've tried SiteSucker but it didn't work) and
> build an private database, or some other place where one can download
> the facsimiles of the munjip?

While the idea of "harvesting all the material" from a site using 
such apps as SiteSucker may sound attractive to end users, I can 
tell you that as a maintainer of a few large data sites, the usage 
of such applications on our sites causes considerable headaches, 
clogging up our servers, making it less useful to honest users.

If the webmasters of the Korean Classics set up their site so that 
you can't download the whole thing en masse, they probably had a 
good reason to do so. I suggest that you acknowledge their right to 
manage their site as-is.



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