[KS] DB of Korean Classics

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Thu Jan 19 13:56:26 EST 2012

Dear Mårten:

Interesting interpretation of our concerns, Mårten.
The institute's site provides far more than just 
facsimile images of old texts, it also provides 
translations into modern Korean, commentaries, 
and all this in TEXT format (that is, not as 

Where on that site are those "facsimiles" or full 
text documents in another format that can be 
downloaded if using Windows but not so if using a 
Mac? The point you made was about limitations 
using a Mac. If so, please provide a (if possible 
detailed and) clear problem description, and then 
others might be able to help, or at least to give 
a better assessment of what is possible and what 
not, and why there might be a problem. It should 
be pretty simple to find the cause of any 
possible technical problems, and it should also 
be simple to say what are intentional limitations 
and what are technical problems. Neither your 
first message nor your reply gives any sort of 
details. If you are interesting in solving a 
technical problem, then please provide a problem 

Frank Hoffmann

Mårten Söderblom Saarela wrote:

>>Hi everybody,
>>Re: DB of Korean Classics.
>>I didn't consider that it might be illegal to download the facsimiles;
>>I guess this means I should stop trying.
>>I just wish that scans of the good editions used for the searchable
>>text-versions that I actually can access on the Mac (although the menu
>>for browsing through the contents of a work, or the different books by
>>a single author, doesn't work properly) were available as open access,
>>in the same way as, say, the Asami collection of rare Korean books at
>>Berkeley is available in high resolution, open access color scans at
>>I was thinking that manuscripts and prints from two hundred years ago
>>would not be protected by copyright.
>Best regards,

Frank Hoffmann

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