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Dear list members,

The latest issue of the Seoul Journal of Korean Studies has just appeared, and as usual we would like to inform you of the contents. We would also like to take the opportunity to encourage everyone to submit their research articles (to Seoul.Journal at gmail.com) and remind you that issues are available on request (contact icks at snu.ac.kr). The journal is also available in electronic format through the DBPia (Nuri media) and Web of Knowledge (Thomson Reuters) databases.

The contents of SJKS 24, no 2 (Dec. 2011) is as follows:

PARK Jae-Woo. "Consultative Politics and Royal Authority in the Goryeo Period."

YI Hye Gyung. "Changes in the Concept of Yulli during the Enlightenment Period in Korea."

KIM Seok-Hee. "Beyond the Dichotomy of Resistance and Collaboration: A Reappraisal of Kim Saryang's Nostalgia"

KIM Jeom Sook. "Occupational Costs Incurred by the United States Forces in Korea and their Impact on the Korean Economy during the U.S. Occupation period.

Stephen J. EPSTEIN. "Daugher of the Wind: The Travel Writing of Han Bi-ya."

HONG Sun-ha. "Hiddink is Hui Tonggu: Korean Nationality and the Global 'Other' at the 2002 World Cup"

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