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I am not sure if you are looking for Changguk (theatrical adaptations of
p'ansori) or Changjak (creative works, generally). In addition to those
sources already mentioned, I would add Marshall Pihl's Korean Singer of
Tales. He was Chan Park's thesis advisor and writes in depth about the
modern history of p'ansori and it's adaptation to the stage. Chan Park has
adapted p'ansori for the stage and I have seen recordings of her
performances so I know they are out there.

On the Korea side, a recent stage adaptation premiered last year, Nam Han
San Seong. I didnt see it but I found several sites and blogs about it. If
you are able to access Korean language literature, you might search for
Changguk or Changjak in KISS, DBPIA or library database such as Yonsei's. A
simple keyword search turned up a few dozen books and articles all
published in the last 10-15 years. Also, a simple keyword search on Korean
Youtube brings up dozens and dozens of contemporary changguk and changjak
performances and interviews with performers.

Lastly, I am not sure whether North Korean adaptations fall within the
scope of your thesis, however, materials are available if you are
interested. While p'ansori has not survived well in North Korea, stage
adaptations have. I have included a link below, one of many found through a
quick search on Naver for "bukhan changguk", which depicts sheet music from
several iterations of  Chunhyang for the stage, performed from the 50's
through the 80's.


Hope this is of some help.

My best,

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