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Adina Cho and list members:

Perhaps I was distracted by the use of 'ch'angjak' by itself....

Anyway, if you are researching 창작판소리 (not simply called '창작') I forgot to mention you might want to check out recent videos and reviews of 사천가, a contemporary pansori created by 이자람, a graduate student in my department.  She has been performing this for years, and in 2011 she and her team revised it and performed a series of shows in the fall.  It is, basically, a one-person show but accompanied by the typical buk with the addition of percussion ensemble and a trio reminiscent of the Greek chorus.  If you type  사천가 into google search, up will come news stories, video, and reviews.  It may be an interesting case study, or at least a starting point in discovered the great diversity of performances labeled '창작 판소리'--you will discover it is not a 'genre' but a general category referring to newly created pansori-esque performances.

Hilary Finchum-Sung

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I think Adina's topic is about Ch'angjak P'ansori (창작판소리). 
I am not a music specialist, but 창극 (Ch'angguk), mentioned in previous messages, seems to be different from 창작판소리. 
While 창극 is a theatrical version of P'ansori stories, it is not P'ansori per se. 
창작판소리, which came up in 20th century, is a term contrasted to 전통판소리(traditional P'ansori). 

You may also want to check recent issues of P'ansori yon'gu (판소리연구), the journal of P'ansori Hakhoe (판소리학회). 
There are articles about 창작판소리 (written in Korean, though). 

Hyoungbae Lee 

Hyoungbae Lee 
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Dear koreanists, 

I am making researches for my master thesis about the modern forms of P´ansori: "Ch´angjak" (창작) but its so hard to find any literature. Hae-kyung Um seems to be the only one who ever wrote something about it. 
Does anyone has some other literature recommendations or video clips of those performances? 


Adina Cho 

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