[KS] (AKSE) European Program for the Exchange of Lecturers - deadline July 1

Michael Shin mds71 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jun 16 19:53:29 EDT 2012

The European Program for the Exchange of Lecturers is sponsored by the Korea Foundation. AKSE every year draws up a comprehensive proposal and budget for the program, which includes the proposals of individual universities, and our Treasurer handles the reimbursements which lecturers receive for their expenses. Lectures sponsored by this program should be an integral part of the curriculum of the institution where they are presented. The lecturers are reimbursed for their travel within European countries, accommodation expenses and meals, but they are not paid a lecture fee. This program offers excellent opportunities for AKSE members to meet and exchange ideas concerning both research and teaching. If you have not yet profited from this program but intend to do so, please send your proposal to Prof. Antonetta Bruno, the AKSE President before 1 July(antonetta.bruno at uniroma1.it)

The proposal should contain the names of the proposed lecturer(s), titles of lectures, dates of the lectures, the amount of the cost of transportation, hotel, and meals.
Dr. Michael D. Shin
Lecturer in Korean Studies
Robinson College
Grange Road

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