[KS] Fourth Intensive Course for Graduate Students at Leiden October 2012

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Fourth Intensive Course for Graduate Students at Leiden *Margins and
marginalization in the production of Korean histories*

Leiden University, The Netherlands, 22-26 October 2012.

In late October 2012, the Department of Korean Studies, Leiden University,
The Netherlands will be hosting its fourth one-week Intensive Course for
Graduate Students. This intensive course is organized within the framework
of the AKS-funded research project “History as Social Process:
Unconventional historiographies of Korea,” a project that deals with the
production, representation and dissemination of historical narratives
ofKorea. Flagship of the project is the e-Journal *Korean Histories*[

In this year’s course, Remco Breuker and Koen De Ceuster will engage the
margins of Korean history, be they theoretical, methodological,
geographical, political or social. Such margins do not exist by themselves,
but are created by centring history in time and space, the latter in turn
hardly absolute but politically, socially, culturally defined. When
studying history, we inevitably start from an established narrative that
shapes the grand contours that define our approach to history. In the case
of Korean history, the principal ordering principle must be “Korea”. But
“Korea” is hardly an immutable concept, but rather a dense historical
entity by itself. Instead of taking this entity for granted, we argue that
that historical entity should be properly situated and understood as an
ever-shifting principle.  Pushing the analysis even further, this obviously
not only relates to *studying*history, but also to the *production* of
history, a process that leads to geographical, political, social and
cultural marginalization. Written from a centre, history creates margins
and contributes to marginalization.

Students enrolled in MA or PhD programmes are entitled to apply.
Participation in the course is free, but the number of participants is
capped at 12 students. Participating students are required to write a 1,500
word discussion paper on a topic agreed upon in consultation with the
lecturers and circulated to all participants in advance.

The intensive course will conclude with the Fourth AKS-Leiden Colloquium
Lecture on Friday 26 October 2012.

For enquiries or to apply, send an email to rebreuker+mc2012 at
To apply, please write a short statement detailing your background, present
institution (and whether MA or PhD) and present research topic.

Applications will be accepted thru 10 July.

A grant of up to 400.- Euro/pp will help cover travel costs. Accommodation
will be paid partially or in full, depending on funding.
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