[KS] 創氏改名 (sōshi-kaimei) — LIST or LEXICON, people active in culture

Frank Hoffmann hoffmann at koreaweb.ws
Sat Jun 30 10:19:48 EDT 2012

Dear All:

Does anyone know of some sort of 創氏改名 (sōshi-kaimei, kor. 
ch'angssi-kaemyŏng) LIST or a LEXICON that lists Koreans active in the 
cultural field (esp. arts) of the 1939/40-1945 period, a list that 
could also be searched by Japanese names (in order to find the Korean 
names)? That's something I should probably know already, but I do not. 
There are plenty of good publications of the topic of sōshi-kaimei and 
tons of finger-pointing books in that ch'in-il (pro-Japanese) field. 
Has maybe any of these publications you know an *extensive* list? Or 
are there other ways you can think of looking up names (*if* one only 
has the Japanese names … even online), e.g. some source or library 

Thanks a lot!


Frank Hoffmann

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