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Jongmin Paek koreanstudies at aol.com
Sat Mar 3 14:07:06 EST 2012

Dear List members:
It has been brought to the attention of moderators that *some* messages posted to this Korean Studies Discussion List are neither showing in readable format at (a) the Mailman List Archives nor at (b) the Forum-style Archives:
(a) http://koreaweb.ws/pipermail/koreanstudies_koreaweb.ws/
(b) http://koreaweb.ws/KS-List-as-Forum.html
Please note that this only seems to happen if the person posting the message is doing a copy/paste from a MS Word, or maybe from a Korean HWP document into email. The List software program--'Mailman'---does not "understand" the (very complicated) formatting code that is used by MS Word documents. To avoid such problems, do not copy directly from MS Word; maybe first save as "plain text" format or in some simple word processor.
Please let me also remind you not to send any attachments, unless absolutely necessary (and especially no attachments that consist of yet another TEXT that could have been posted in the email message itself).
Finally, *some* request for posting has been sent with Cc. Please do not add Cc to others. You can always send an e-mail privately to the person you are trying to reach and Cc it to others. Thank you.
Jongmin Paek

Jongmin Paek
Korean Studies List
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