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Dear Colleagues,

The following bibliographical entry for his doctoral dissertation is a small contribution to whatever English-language obituary may be prepared for the late Hontack Wong.

Frank Joseph Shulman

November 12, 2012

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HONG, Wontack  (1940-2012).  

A Study of the Changes in the Structure of Manufacturing Industry and in the Trade Pattern of Manufactured Products in Korea, Taiwan and Japan.  Columbia University [United States], 1966 (Ph.D. in Economics).  Chairperson-Major Adviser: Peter B. Kenen.  viii, 264p.  Abstracted in Dissertation Abstracts (Ann Arbor, Michigan) 27, no.7 (Jan. 1967): 1968-69-A; UMI (formerly University Microfilms International) order number 66-12,569. 

 Hong's investigation of the economies of Japan (1868-1964), Korea (1911-1964) and Taiwan (1896-1964) supported the following two hypotheses: first, the structure of the manufacturing industry (i.e., the composition of manufactured output) and the trade pattern in manufactured products tend to change systematically as a country's economic development progresses; and second, "uniform patterns of change exist in industrial structure and in the trade in manufactured products". Furthermore, his analysis of the U.S. import market demonstrated that "as industrialization proceeded, developing countries such as South Korea and Taiwan could move into the market of a developed country, even with respect to such items as electrical machinery, metal products, and non-metallic mineral products". Note: Before undertaking the research that concluded with this dissertation, Hong earned a B.A. in Economics (1962) at Seoul National University and an M.A. in Economics (1964) at Columbia University.

Contents: 1. Introduction. 2. The Theoretical Background. 3. The Standard of Comparison and Comparable Periods. 4. Changes in the Structure of Manufacturing Industry and in the Import Pattern of Manufactured Products. 5. Export of Manufactured Products from Developing Countries. 6. Other Factors Influencing the Export Performance of Manufactured Products. 7. Changes in the Competitive Position of Developing Countries. 8. Summary and Conclusion. 1 figure. 59 tables. Appendices [2]: pp.84-89, 157-264. Bibliography: pp.152-56.

Related publication: Catch-Up and Crisis in Korea, by Wontack Hong. Cheltenham, England, and Northampton, Mass.: Edward Elgar, 2002. x, 166p.

Related Master's thesis: "The Role of Government in the Industrial Development of Korea after the Korean War: With a Special Emphasis on the U.S. Aid and Manufacturing Industry", by Wontack Hong. M.A. in Economics, Columbia University, 1964. 99p.

Source: "A Century of Doctoral Dissertations on Korea, 1903-2004: An Annotated Bibliography of Studies in Western Languages", compiled, annotated and edited by Frank Joseph Shulman. forthcoming.

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Dear all,

I'm not sure if the Korean Studies community is already informed but I
recently learnt that Professor Wontack Hong passed away earlier last
month (5 October), aged 70.  I had not had the opportunity to meet him
but his books are very interesting to me and I had hoped to make
contact with him during my current time in Korea.

I wonder if there will be an English language obituary.

Andrew Logie

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