[KS] Recruiting Bibliography of Asian Studies Associate Editor for Non-Asia Journals

Frank Joseph Shulman fshulman at umd.edu
Wed Oct 3 02:21:21 EDT 2012

Bibliography of Asian Studies Online (BAS) of the
Association for Asian Studies is recruiting an
Associate Editor (part time) for coverage of
journal titles that do not focus on Asia


The online Bibliography of Asian Studies of the
Association for Asian Studies, Inc, a major database
of Western-language scholarly publications on Asia,
seeks to appoint an Associate Editor for coverage
of Non-Area Journals that contain occasional articles
on East, Southeast and/or South Asia in a wide range
of academic disciplines.

Professor John Rogers, a previous Associate Editor
of the BAS Online for Non-Area Journals, has compiled
a list of the journals that have been covered in past
years as well as a guide to the practices of the position.

The Associate Editor will be responsible for indexing
the journals, maintaining an up-to-date list of the
journals that are indexed, and undertaking some
retrospective indexing.

Applicants for this position should have a background
in study of one or more of the geographical areas of
Asia, with disciplinary grounding and experience of
interdisciplinary research and/or library work and/or
teaching.  Candidates with a master's degree in Library
Science may substitute their degree for library work
and/or teaching experience. Insofar as possible,
applicants should have an understanding of the
fundamentals of bibliography and indexing. Experience
with database software such as Filemaker Pro is
desirable but not required. Attention to detail and
accuracy in one's work are absolutely essential.

The position is part time, with a projected workload
of 30 to 40 hours per month. To most effectively carry
out the routine work of the position, as well as
facilitate occasional travel to AAS conferences and
other editorial meeting venues, preference will be
given to candidates based in the United States with
free, immediate access in person to a research
library and its electronic databases.

The Associate editor will be provided with the
requisite software and, where necessary, appropriate
hardware for the compilation of the data.  The
collected data will be submitted electronically at
least once each month to Dr. Anna Leon Shulman,
the Editor of the BAS Online; and the work of the
Associate Editor will be supervised by Dr. Shulman.
The Associate Editor will cooperate with the other
Associate Editors and the BAS Advisory Board in
initiatives to enhance the overall coverage of the
BAS Online.

This is a contractual position without benefits;
the 2012 budgeted hourly rate is approximately
$28.00 per hour.

Interested applicants should contact Professor
Frank F. Conlon, Managing Director, BAS Online at
conlon at u.washington.edu for further information.
The appointment is subject to the approval of the
Board of Directors of the Association for Asian
Studies, Inc. upon the advice of the Advisory
Board of the Bibliography of Asian Studies.

A general description of the work of all Associate
editors, modified for the responsibilities of this
specific position, is as follows:

The Associate Editor is responsible for performing
the following functions:

1. From an established list of Western-language
(English, French, German, etc.) journals (which
may be supplemented from time to time), the
Associate Editor searches for articles in the
electronic databases which are deemed appropriate
for inclusion in the BAS Online, based on
established criteria. The Associate Editor
maintains up-to-date records indicating which
volumes and issues of each journal have been

The Associate Editor for Non-Area Journals is
responsible for reviewing and analyzing the
contents of a wide range of journals (published
throughout the world) in the social sciences and
humanities, covering disciplines such as anthro-
pology, arts, communication, economics, geography,
history, language, law, library science, literature,
philosophy, political science, psychology,
religion, and sociology, and, to a lesser degree,
the natural sciences such as environmental studies,
geology, medicine and seismology.

(Examples of such journals are: _American Anthro-
pologist_, _American Historical Review_, _Australian
Economic History Review_, _British Journal of Psychiatry_,
_British Journal of World Affairs_, _Canadian Journal
of Development Studies_, _Comparative Studies in
Society and History_, _Daedulus_, _Drama Review_,
_Economic Development and Cultural Change_, _Journal
of Climate_, _Journal of Empirical Finance_, _Past
and Present_, _Peasant Studies_,_Political Science
Quarterly_, _Revue de Litterature Comparee_, _Third
World Quarterly_,_Signs: Journal of Women in Culture
and Society_, _Water Policy_ and _World Development_.]

2. The Associate Editor skims each journal article
to determine whether it is in fact appropriate for
inclusion in the BAS Online and then determines its
subject content and geographical focus.

3. In accordance with the established guidelines
for the BAS Online, the Associate Editor enters
all of the bibliographical data (including but not
limited to author(s), full title of the article,
title of the journal, place of publication, volume
and issue number, date of publication, collation
and language of publication) for the article as
well as information about its subject content and
area of geographical focus into a template developed
for use for the BAS Online. He/she then determines
from an established, automated list of hierarchic
subjects up to several subjects for each article and
assigns additional, uncontrolled, subject key words
to each article whenever appropriate. The Associate
Editor also carefully reviews the entry for accuracy
and completeness.

4. Periodically, the Associate Editor determines
whether any new journals should be added to the
list, leading to indexing of relevant articles
from the new journals as per directions in #3.

5. On a continuing basis, the Associate Editor
compiles his/her entries and, at least once a
month, reviews and transmits them electronically
to Dr. Anna Leon Shulman, the Editor of the BAS

For full consideration, applications should be
received by October 31,  2012.

The Association for Asian Studies (AAS)--the
largest society of its kind, with approximately
8,000 members worldwide--is a scholarly, non-
political, non-profit professional association
open to all persons interested in Asia.

Further information about the Association may be
found at its website:


The AAS follows employment policies of equal opportunity.

Frank F. Conlon
Managing Director
Bibliography of Asian Studies Online
conlon at u.washington.edu

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