[KS] RASKB book sale again

Brother Anthony ansonjae at sogang.ac.kr
Fri Oct 19 02:44:43 EDT 2012

There is an item that was not mentioned in my previous mailing. 

The RASKB is now offering complete sets of its journal 'Transactions' in 2 formats. 
Volumes 1-30 are available in a reprint, 6 hard-backed books each containing 5 volumes.
Volumes 31-86 are available either as individual paper-covered volumes as published
or they can be bound without the covers in a hard-backed binding to match volumes 1-30.
Complete set 1: Vols 1-30 bound, the rest (31-86) unbound as published: US$450
Complete set 2: Vols 1-85 bound hard-back (usually 5 volumes in one binding) US$650. 
Postage is extra of course, and the binding is done on receipt of the order, so will take a few days.

I hope this may be of interest, the prices are more that 50% lower than usual.

I fear that there are libraries which bought a complete set of Transactions many years ago
but have not purchased subsequent issues. The most recent was Volume 86.
Libraries too may order missing copies of Transactions at the sale price of $5 each.

Brother Anthony
President, RASKB

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