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A correction:  "they did not wish to publish work by a graduate student," not "they did not with..."

My apologies.


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I write to the Korean Studies website with a notice about a scholarly paper, and a cautionary tale.
 The notice has to do with an article published in the journal and website Asian Women, based at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul.  The title of the article, published in Vol. 27 # 2, 2011, of the journal is "The Performance of Virtue and the Loss of Female Individuality in Chosôn Korea: A Feminist Reading of the Tale of Ch’unhyang.”
 The article was actually written by two people, one given credit in the journal, and the other, supposedly because she does not have the Ph.D., given none.
 For the scholarly record, I would note here that the other author of the article, whose name was omitted from the published article, is Ivanna Yi, a graduate student in the Ph.D. program in Korean literature at Harvard.
 For the Korean Studies community, however, I would also sound this cautionary note.  The journal in question, Asian Women, deliberately removed the name of the second author because they did not with to publish work by a graduate student.  Informed of their error, the journal has refused to make a correction.
 I offer this case as a cautionary tale.  Whatever its other virtues may be, the journal Asian Women does not respect the individuality of all the members of the scholarly, academic community in which it seeks to play a part.

David McCann
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