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Jongmin Paek koreanstudies at aol.com
Wed Sep 5 13:18:51 EDT 2012

Dear All:

The Korean Studies Internet Discussion List welcomes Professor Werner 
Sasse, who joined the list as a co-owner, and Professors Michael Pettid 
and Brother Anthony as moderators.  For more information about them, 
you can always go to: http://koreaweb.ws/ks/ and click on the "Owners 
and Moderators" link.

Also, please note the following announcements related to sending a 
request for posting: 

1.	The list administrators have updated the policy as regards to image 
attachments for posting. However, considering that all postings are 
being permanently archived on the server's disk (even twice), the 
accumulating factor cannot completely be ignored, despite the fact that 
hard disk sizes have gotten much more accommodating for such archive 
purposes. When sending a request for posting with an image attachment 
to the list, the total size of message and attachments should not be 
more than 2 MB per posting request. In practical terms this means not 
to use images as they come out of your digital camera, as those are 
already around 3 MB in size (and unnecessary large for such posting 
purposes). Simply reduce their size, so you can easily attach several 
images to a message, if necessary.

Text attachments (e.g. as MS Word file) will not be accepted; 
instead, please include the text itself in the email body (can also be 
formatted text) or link to such a text file on your or your 
institutional website. 

2.	As a reminder, all requests for posting should only be sent to:  
    koreanstudies at koreaweb.ws
Any posing request sent to koreanstudies-owner at koreaweb.ws will be 
rejected. This email address is exclusively reserved for administrative questions.

3.	Cc to other email recipient will not be accepted. Please send a 
separate private email to the person you are trying to get in touch 

Best Regards,

Jongmin Paek
Korean Studies Internet Discussion List

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