[KS] exhibition announcement: Being Political Popular: South Korean Art at the Intersection of Popular Culture and Democracy, 1980-2010, UC Irivne

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Being Political Popular: South Korean Art at the Intersection of
Popular Culture and Democracy, 1980-2010

Curated by Sohl Lee
Opening Reception Thursday, September 20, 6-9 pm | UAG

Sept 20 - Nov 20, 2012

As the first group exhibition introducing the wide-ranging work of
South Korean political art to the American audience, Being Political
Popular showcases 17 artists and art collectives and more than 40
artworks. At once an art historical investigation and a curatorial
exercise, this exhibition attempts a historiographical investigation
and epistemological exploration of artistic practices as a particular
sort of public culture, one that benefits from the languages of both
popular culture and political resistance.

Placing today's artists in conversation with the 1980's minjung art
("people's art"), the exhibition's inter-generational juxtaposition
will shed new light on both minjung and contemporary periods. This new
genealogy of South Korean political art fully takes into account the
shifts in the visual technologies and mediums from the 1980s to the
present, effectively interlinking the following six sections: Sites of
Resistant Collectivity; Reenacting History; Between One and All; Seoul
Tour/Pyongyang Express; The Past is the Future; and Play to Fly.

Artists include: Choi Byung-soo, Kim Dong-won, Labor News Collective,
Park Jae-dong, Kim Min-gi, Hong Sung-dam, Hein-kuhn Oh, Minouk Lim,
mixrice, siren eunyoung jung, listen to the city, Chan-kyong Park,
Seung Woo Back, Park Bul-dong, Nam Gung Ho Seok, Sangdon Kim, and
Minari & Hack.

This exhibition is part of the conference Political/Popular:
Intersection of Democracy & Popular/Public Culture in South Korea
organized by Kyung Hyun Kim and David E. James.

Co-sponsors: Academy of Korean Studies (AKS), Arts Council Korea
(ARKO), Critical Theory Emphasis, and Department of East Asian
Languages and Literatures at University of California, Irvine.

For more information: http://studioart.arts.uci.edu/gallery/index.html


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