[KS] Samguk Yusa readership - translated Samguk Sagi readership

Andrew zatouichi at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 19:26:33 EDT 2012

I had seen about the recent Academy of Korean Studies translations for
the Goguryeo and Silla Annals.  They are surely a very important
contribution (I'm particularly interested to see how various rank and
titles have been translated) and no easy task to have completed.

I was planning to try and obtain at least one next time I visit Korea,
but as it has come up, I thought I would ask if there is an effective
and not overly expensive method to order editions from outside of
Korea, directly through AKS perhaps?  Some of the larger online
markets appear finally to offer international shipping, but do so only
through the most expensive (albeit reliable) EMS postal service.

(I'm away for a week so won't be able to reply, in case they are any responses.)

Andrew Logie

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> Like most of you I have been following this discussion with great
> interest and since the topic of the Samguk sagi has come up, let me
> shamelessly promote three recent translations of the annals sections
> of the Samguk sagi. Jonathan Best through Harvard published the
> Paekche Annals in 2006. The Academy of Korean Studies has now
> published the Koguryo Annals and the Silla Annals and the accounts
> found in these three sections certainly provide nice background to the
> Samguk yusa.
> Ned Shultz

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