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Dear list members,

Following the invitation to provide information on publications in languages other than English, I would like to announce the publication of my Russian-language monograph entitled “Vladyki staroi Korei (The Rulers of Old Korea)”, by Tatiana M. Simbirtseva. 646 pages. 592 black-and-white ills., 3 color ills. (Orientalia et Classica. Vol. XXXV). ISBN 978-5-7281-1289-1. It was published in June 2012 in a print run of 1,000 copies by the Russian State University for the Humanities [Rossiiskii gosudarstvennyi gumanitarnyi universitet] in Moscow. Table of contents in English on pages 643-646.

Here is a link to the cover and a brief summary in Russian: http://knigirggu.ru/catalog/history/978-5-7281-1289-1/?sphrase_id=3684

The summary is translated as follows: “This book is the first attempt by a Russian historian to introduce the cultural legacy (the chronicles, palaces, royal ancestral temple and tombs) of the Confucian Chosŏn dynasty, which ruled Korea from 1392 to 1910.  It also describes a surprisingly great rise of interest in the royal legacy among Koreans since the 1990s. The Chosŏn dynasty was the last legitimate government of a unified Korea. Who were the rulers of old Korea, what values did they cherish, how did they live, what was the nature of their family relations, for what are they remembered and for what are they criticized, and how do their descendants live today? These are the questions which Tatiana M. Simbirtseva, an adjunct professor of the Russian State University for the Humanities, seeks to answer. Late Chosŏn was the period that saw the beginning of Russian-Korean relations. The dynasty's 26th ruler, King Kojong (1864–1907), is known as a 'pro-Russian monarch'. Many significant events of his long reign were related to Russia and their echo is still being heard”.

Abbreviated Table of Contents:

1. From the "First among Equals" to the "First among Men"

2. The Kings' Legacy and Modern Korean Society

3. The Kings' Legacy and the Modern Korean State

4. The Chosŏn Dynasty Chronicles

5. "The Most Korean of All the Korean Palaces"

6. The Chosŏn Dynasty's Ancestral Temple: Chongmyo

7. The Royal Tombs

8. A Forgotten Prince. Instead of an Epilogue

Appendix, Notes, Index, Chinese Character Glossary, Bibliography

Interested libraries and individuals can order copies at the Moscow Book House (Moskovskii Dom Knigi) http://www.mdk-arbat.ru/bookcard?book_id=745310 (internet.magazin at mdk-arbat.ru<mailto:internet.magazin at mdk-arbat.ru>)

In the USA, it is possible to order copies through East View Information Services in Minnetonka, Minnesota http://www.eastview.com/russian/books/product.asp?SKU=929903B&f_locale=&active_tab=1

Some bookstores in Moscow sell the book cheaper than the above-mentioned ones, but regretfully they do not send books abroad.

With best regards,

Tatiana Simbirtseva
Associate Professor
Institute of Oriental and Classical Studies
Russian State University for the Humanities
E-mail: simbirtseva tanya [simtan1 at yandex.ru]

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