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Dear friends and colleagues in Korean Studies, 

At a time when tensions flare once more on the Korean Peninsula, ma y we draw your attention to our recently published book De-bordering Korea. Tangible and Intangible Legacies of the Sunshine Policy (Routledge, 2013) as a timely attempt at rethinking inter-Korean relations through an analysis of the legacies of the ‘Sunshine decade’ (1998-2008). Moving beyond the habitual economic and political perspectives, this edited volume explores how a decade of “de-bordering” and intensified cooperation both affected and reshaped existing physical, social and mental boundaries between the two Koreas. Now that an ongoing process of “re-bordering” puts the peninsula yet again at a crossroads, this volume reflects on this remarkable decade: not to return to that past, but to (re)consider how things were done and thought differently at that time in an attempt to discern beyond the Sunshine legacies possible new creative solutions as an aternative to simply hopping onto the treadmill of cyclical crises.   

Valérie Gelézeau, Koen De Ceuster and Alain Delissen (editors)   
Table of contents: 
Introduction. Part I: Places. 1. Life on the lines: people and places of the Korean border (V. Gelézeau). 2. Crossing the border: South Korean tourism to Mount Kŭmgang (Ch. Park). 3. Heritage management in the Kaesŏng Special Economic Zone (E. Chabanol). 4. Swinging borders: the Sino-Korean border during the Sunshine Policy (S. Colin). Part II: People. 5. North Korean defector activism and South Korean politics (D. Chubb). 6. The hard life of North Korean migrants in South Korean society (E. Bidet). 7. Confronting Korean identities in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan (E. Yim). Part III: Representations. 8. Facts or acts: Korean news agencies reporting on inter-Korean relations (P. Fruchart-Ramond). 9. South Korea’s encounter with North Korean art: between barbershop painting and true art (K. De Ceuster). 10. Sleeping with the (Northern) enemy: South Korean cinema and the autistic interface (B. Joinau). 11. The end of Romanticism? Teaching the ‘other’ Korea in the Sunshine era (A. Delissen). Postscript: debordering, rebordering, unbordering (Ch. Armstrong). 

PS: A 20% discount flyer from Routledge is attached to this message. Have your librarian order a copy for your institution. 




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