[KS] Journal of Korean Studies / April 2013 / Vol. 4 No. 1 "Interpreting Christian Missionary Experiences in Korea"

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The Journal of Korean Religions would like to announce the April 2013 publication of Volume 4, Number 1 "Interpreting Christian Missionary Experiences in Korea."

This issue includes an introduction from guest editor Prof. Timothy Lee and a collection of research articles on the theological, social, and political intricacies of Christian missionary life in Korea. Included are submissions that cover events and personalities long past, such as articles on Bishop Gustave Mutel’s condemnation of An Chunggŭn and the rise and fall of the Yotsuya/William D. Cunningham Mission. Others trace the role of missions in shaping the Korean Catholic and Anglican Churches, respectively. The influence of missionaries on the history of gender in Korea takes precedence in one article’s argument that the Protestant Church’s Bible education program represents the “first steps in women’s leadership and professional education in modern Korean society.”

Two articles feature authors whose own family history is connected to their work. Deberniere Torrey's father is the protagonist at the heart of "Yesuwŏn: An Ongoing Experiment in the Kangwŏndo Wilderness" and Elizabeth Underwood's elders were similarly entwined in "Contested Heritage: The ‘Yanghwajin Controversy’ and Korean Protestantism."

Two recent Korean books on Korean religion are also reviewed: Lee Wook's work on calamities and state rituals in Chosŏn Korea (Chosŏn sidae chaenan kwa kukka ŭirye) and Park Kwang-soo's appraisal of Korea's “new religions” (Han’guk sinjonggyo ŭi sasang kwa chonggyo munhwa). 

Together, this issue provides a fascinating and detailed understanding of the critical interactions shaping Christianity as it took root and grew on the Korean peninsula.

Table of Contents

Timothy Lee
The Transformation of the Catholic Church in Korea: From a Missionary Church to an Indigenous Church 
Don Baker
The Bishop’s Dilemma: Gustave Mutel and the Catholic Church in Korea, 1890–1910
Franklin Rausch
Via Media in the Land of Morning Calm: The Anglican Church in Korea
Sean C. Kim
Protestant Bible Education for Women: First Steps in Professional Education for Modern Korean Women
Lee-Ellen Strawn
‘‘Japan and Korea for Christ and His Church’’: The Unexpected Success and Demise of the Yotsuya/William D. Cunningham Mission, a Mission of the Stone-Campbell Movement
Timothy S. Lee
Yesuwŏn: An Ongoing Experiment in the Kangwŏndo Wilderness
Deberniere Torrey
Contested Heritage: The ‘‘Yanghwajin Controversy’’ and Korean Protestantism
Elizabeth Underwood
Book Reviews
조선시대 재난과 국가의례 [Calamities and state rituals in Chosŏn Korea]. 이욱 Lee Wook.
Reviewed by Kye Seung-bum
한국신종교의 사상과 종교문화 [Religious culture and thought of Korean new religions]. 박광수 Park Kwang-soo.
Reviewed by Pori Park
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Matty Wegehaupt
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Journal of Korean Religions

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