[KS] CFP Cultural Geography of the Hallyu: Mapping the World through Korean Popular Culture, Jerusalem, 13-15 May 2014

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The Second Middle East  WAHS Conference
The Cultural Geography of the Hallyu: Mapping the World through Korean
Popular Culture

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, May 13-15, 2014.

The popularity of Korean films, TV dramas, pop music, and online games has
been phenomenal, continuously reaching audience in many parts of the world.
It has also gained scholarly attention from researchers beyond Korean
studies who approach the content and the phenomenon of Hallyu from multiple
perspectives. In response to the growing interest in Hallyu among scholars
of popular culture, media studies, gender studies, spectatorship, and
visual culture, The Department of East Asian Studies at The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem and The World Association of Hallyu Studies (WAHS)
is hosting the second international conference on Hallyu, focusing on the
ways in which Korean popular culture produces a new geopolitical knowledge
about Korea and map out social and cultural lives of audience inside and
outside Korea.

Visual media plays a significant role in mediating the knowledge of place,
space, distance, and scale; and produces meanings of individual and
national identity, nationhood, and the worlds imaginary map. The
conference, the cultural geography of Hallyu, is an attempt to examine how
the mapping of representations and realities of Korea is constructed
through Hallyu; how it generates and mediates knowledge about Korean
culture and society; and finally how it helps people to imagine their
position (both physical and cognitive) in the world vis--vis Korea.

We welcome individual papers and panel proposals from scholars working in
various genres of Korean popular culture and cultural geography, including
(but not limited to) film studies, gender and race studies, media studies,
cultural studies, political science, etc. whose interest fits in one or
more of the following issues:

(a) Representation, distribution, circulation of spatial senses of Korea in
the world.
 (b) Audience reception/perception of, and fandom of Korean popular culture.
 (c) Technologies (audio, visual, textual, etc.) and techniques (visual
compositions, textual narrations, rhetoric, etc.) of constructing
geopolitical particularities and universalities of Korea.
 (d) Industry, policies, and promotions involving the production of the
geopolitical imaginations of Korea.
 (e) Korean popular culture dissemination and the construction of
alternative geopolitics.

Proposals (both individual and panel proposals), including name,
institutional affiliation, the title of the paper, and an abstract of 500
words maximum (with relevant keywords listed), should be sent by*November
15, 2013* to KoreanWaveMiddleEast at gmail.com**. Successful applicants would
be asked to send their complete paper of 6,000 words (including
bibliography and footnotes) at least three weeks prior to the conference.
The organizers will make an effort to secure funding for accommodations to
presenters from abroad.

Organizing Committee:
Dr. Jooyeon Rhee, Dr. Nissim Otmazgin, and Mrs. Irina Lyan, The Hebrew
University of Jerusalem
Prof. Park Gil-Sung and Prof. Oh Ingyu, Korea University

Hallyu in Middle East
Dept. of East Asian Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus 91905 Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: 972- (0)- 2-591-8258
Email: koreanwavemiddleeast at gmail.com
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